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Pilot Area

Pilot sites of the Laplant project are situated in the Švihov drinking water reservoir basin on the Želivka River. The sites are: an experimental catchment Kopaninský stream, Dehtáře catchment and Vadčice site. Beside these sites, in LAPLANT there will be used data from several small catchments located in the želivka river basin. The aforementioned sites were selected according to the experience of the project team and they reflect Laplant focus and needs, which lies in description and modeling of landscape ecosystem services and functions, in five branches and various scenarios: evaluation of land use in relation to the rainfall-runoff process – erosion, the formation of surface runoff and flooding, water quality, diversity of grasslands and land use planning. Pilot areas are depicted on Fig. 1.


Fig. 1. Pilot sites of the LAPLANT project