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site Vadcice

The experimental site Vadčice is located in the south-west part of the Bohemo-Moravian Highland, within Želivka river catchment, Czech Republic. The site was established in order to study the influence of grassland management (fertilizers application, number of cuts, mulching, etc.) in different soil conditions on plant diversity, hay yields, water and soil quality and to quantify related ecosystem services. The site consists of three separately delineated plots, each of the plot situated in different terrain relief and soil conditions. The plot D is moderately wet, plot T mesic, and plot R moderately dry Arrhenatherion grassland, respectively. Soil in D is Colluvic Regosol Humic with extremely acid sandy loam, soil in T is Haplic Cambisol with south-east exposure and 7° incline, with acid loamy sand, and the in R is Cambic Hyperskeletic Leptosol, with shallow and acid loamy sand. The local climate is classified as moderately warm. The average annual total precipitation is 660 mm and the air temperature is 7.0°C. The altitude of the sites ranges between 508 and 534 m a.s.l. (Fig. 4).
The experiment performed on all three plots was established in a completely randomised block design with three replicates and seven treatments on each plot (i.e. 3 x 21 experimental spots, each 3 x 5 m): uncut, mulched three times per year, or cut three times per year with various doses of cattle slurry applied (0, 60, 120, 180 and 240 kg N.ha-1.year-1). To assess soil nutrients leached from the soil profile, galvanized lysimeters were placed in the soil depth of 60 cm (D, T) or of 30 cm (R) of each spot. Soil samples taken at a depth of 3–20 cm for different soil chemical and biological properties were collected from each spot once or twice per year. In addition, herbage samples were collected to determine dry matter contents, yields and nutrient concentrations. Also, the cover of vascular plant species was estimated prior to the first cut in permanent 1m x 1m plots. Here, the Shannon-Wiener index, Ellenberg nutrient (N) indicator value, cover of functional groups and cover of several dominant species were assessed.

Obr. 3 - Experimentální plocha Vadčice

Fig. 4 Delineation of experimental plots in Vadčice experimental site.