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Celebratory Closing Event of the Project LaPlaNt

The Celebratory Closing Event of the Project LaPlaNt “Agriculture management and landscape ecosystem services – LESSONS LEARNT” will take place on 29. August 2016 from 13:00 in the room no. 205 of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic.

The aims of the event:

  • Assessment of the implementation of the LaPlant project
  • Introduction of the project results
  • Presentation of the lessons learnt and recommendations to the representatives of participating organisations
  • Discussion of possible follow-up activities and projects

Representatives of following organisations have been invited:
Ministry of Finance of CR; Ministry of Environment of CR; Ministry of Agriculture of CR; Ministry of Youth, Sport and Education of CR; Representatives of project LaPlaNt target groups (farmers, teachers); Norwegian, Liechtenstein and Iceland Embassy in Czech Republic; Research council of Norway; River basin administrators; The State Agricultural Intervention Fund; CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency; Representatives of relevant NGOs (EDUin, o.p.s., SSEV Pavučina, z.s., TEREZA, educational centre, z. ú., Vysočina Education)

Detailed information about the event can be found at the invitation letter.

The seminar presentations are available in Czech at the links below

Úvodní prezentace

Dotazníkové šetření – studenti

Dotazníkové šetření – veřejná správa

Dotazníkové šetření – zemědělci a souhrn

Modelování ES

Metapublikace LaPlaNt brief

Thanks for your participation and feedback.

LaPlaNt project team.