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Workshop for farmers

Within the Activity 2 of project LaPlaNt the workshop for representatives of agricultural cooperatives and farmers was held on April 22, 2015.

Objectives of the workshop were defined as follows:

  • familiarization with the concept of ecosystem services;
  • clarification linkages of ecosystem services landscape to agricultural management;
  • presentation of experiences and possibilities of improving the ecosystem services of agricultural land in the Czech Republic and Norway;
  • support of communication between farmers, state administration and the research community;
  • discussion on the necessity and benefits of agriculture for landscape and the quality of life;
  • a questionnaire survey to explore the perception of environmental and socio-economic aspects of ecosystem services and biodiversity.


Within the workshop the following contributions were presented:

Petr Fučík (Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation) – About LaPlaNt project

Jana Frélichová (Global Change Research Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences) – Biodiversity, ecosystem services and agriculture

Lada Kozlovská (Crop Research Institute) – The Common agricultural policy in 2015

Petr Marada (private farmer, Mendel University in Brno) – Agricultural management and non-productive functions of agricultural landscape

Inga Greipsland (Bioforsk) – Agriculture and water quality in Norway


The workshop was attended by Zdeněk Chlád, councilor of Vysočina region for forest, water management, agriculture and the environment.