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Workshop for teachers

Within the Activity 2 of project LaPlaNt the workshop for representatives of teachers in primary and secondary schools was held on April 24, 2015.

Objectives of the workshop were defined as follows:

• familiarization with the concept of ecosystem services;
• clarification linkages of ecosystem services landscape to agricultural management;
• presentation of experiences and possibilities of introducing the construct of ecosystem services into teaching in the 8th and 9th year of primary schools and at secondary schools;
• instructions for the implementation of a questionnaire survey to explore the perception of environmental and socio-economic aspects of ecoystem services and biodiversity among students in primary and secondary schools.

Within the workshop the following contributions were presented:

Petr Fučík (Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation) – About LaPlaNt project

Ondřej Cudlín (Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) – Introduction to the problems of ecosystem services and biodiversity / Utilization of ecosystem services framework and the role of biodiversity for environmental education

Petr Diviš (Palacký University Olomouc) – “Complex” draft measures for soil and water sources the protection – Example of farming practices from Selekta Pacov company.

Inga Greipsland (BIOFORSK) – Agriculture and water quality in Norway